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Thinking about learning to sew? 12 hidden benefits of sewing

There are so many benefits of learning this timeless life skill. Sewing is a blend of reading, math, creative thinking, planning, problem solving and more, just from these examples you can see how sewing is intertwined with other disciplines. Let’s break some benefits of sewing down:

Wellbeing and self care

Unwind from your daily routine by spending your spare time on an activity that you find meaningful and enjoyable. Invest time in yourself and your wellbeing. Studies have shown that people with hobbies are less likely to suffer form stress, low mood and depression. You can choose if you would like to to sew alone or in the group, online or in-person.

Sewing teaches us values

Sewing is teaching us to value handcraft, understanding how something is made, and why it’s made in a certain way. Creating things by ourselves we are learning to correctly evaluate human work, time and effort behind the product itself.

Motor skills

Sewing helps you acquire a new set of skills by manipulating materials, notions and tools in a creative process of sewing. You will develop and increase finger dexterity, fine motor skills and train hand-eye coordination.

You will measure, mark and cut fabrics, press seams, machine sew as well as hand sew and make 2D materials to fit 3D body shapes.

Sewing useful things

As a sewist, you’ll create with intent and purpose. You can choose from many categories of sewing: quilting, garment sewing, accessories, home decor and more. Sewing makes are also beautiful as handmade gifts.

Math and geometry

Throughout all sewing process there is obvious mathematics. Fabric measurements, body measurements, calculating for ease, pattern grading, seam and hem allowance, managing minimal waste, multiplication for fullness, cutting shapes etc.

Sewing saves money

Sewing can be inexpensive, for instance mending your existing clothes, renewing what you already have, upcycle from old to new or altering clothes. You will save whole bunch of money if you source your materials second hand.

If you would like to know more about saving money in sewing, read about 11 tips for a frugal and sustainable sewing or what to look for when buying fabric second hand.

Sewing is for everyone

I’ve seen a 3 years old child sewing, a woman with one hand and a 13 years old boy. Sewing is for everyone regardless of ethnicity, age, size, ability, sexual orientation or gender identity and any level or artistic experience.

Want to meet people who sew? Check out your local community groups or join our Mending party.

Quality leisure time and self improvement

Purposeful activity evolves your mindset. Sewing is, aside from an enjoyable pass time and productive hobby, a mental development.

Sewing boosts self-confidence

When you successfully complete a sewing project from the scratch It boosts your confidence and positive thoughts. By learning how to break complex project into easy steps, encourages can-do attitude.

Practising patience is a key

Every new skill takes time and mistakes are part of the process. Sewing means time to slow down, following the instructions and focusing on accuracy. It is quality, rather than quantity that matters.

Technical skills development

There are different types of machines you can sew with: domestic sewing machine, industrial sewing machine, overlocker/serger or coverstitch machine. Threading, setting up or troubleshooting will uplevel your technical ability for sure!

You can find useful our other blog post about sewing safety rules.

Sewing encourages creativity

The sewing allows students to express themselves through unique choices during whole design process, from fabric choices, notions combinations, composition to embellishments and more.

I hope these benefits of sewing inspire you to learn to sew You have got nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain!

If you know about more benefits of sewing, pop them into comments, would love to read them.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about learning to sew? 12 hidden benefits of sewing”

  1. Good afternoon

    My name is Astrid. I’ve been sewing for almost 2 years.

    I started following tutorials for grown ups, trying to turn them into dolls clothes. At the beginning I was shy and worried about ruining big pieces of fabric. However, with the time and practice I have been gaining experience and confidence to make my own clothes. Now, am in the process of alterations.

    Additionally to the benefits you mentioned, sewing is important for me because it gave me a completely new way to think and anticipate how pieces and fittings will work together to the point that you develop a “needle woman common sense” and how shapes and colours will work on my body.
    However, most of all, sewing gave me during quarantine and lockdown periods a good reason to enjoy my time at home and great friends with similar interests.

    Thanks for this article

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