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How to keep fabric scraps organised + scrap busting ideas

If you are quilting, sewing garments, home decor or do bag making you’re going to have remnants from your projects. Or sometimes It’s just a random fabric shape and size, that is in your stash for ages. Let me share with you how I deal with the fabric scraps in my studio.

Fabric scraps management

I tried many different types of scraps management. Sorting by size, keeping small pieces together with big pieces or having one big container for all my remnants. None of these worked for me, so I tried one more. Sorting offcuts by colour temperature – warm, cool and neutrals. Keeping knitted and woven fabric scraps separately.

I keep the box right next to my cutting table. If I struggle to close the lid, that means that is the time to make a scrap busting project!

If you are a sewist, that works with a loads of scraps, it would make sense to sort them by each colour. Creative process and tidying up are much easier when you have a system set up that works for you.

Scrap busting techniques

Depends on the type and fibre of the fabric remnants you have. You can use the following techniques to make smaller offcuts into bigger piece of fabric or use it as a feature, to personalise your creations.

  • Patchwork
  • Appliqué
  • Colour blocking
  • Visible mending (patches)

TIP: Use fabric remnants for practicing and test-garment sewing!

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Scrap busting projects

Projects from fabric scraps are great for keeping your remnants pile under control. Here are some project ideas for inspiration, that take just a little bit of fabric:

  • Ties and bow ties
  • Handkerchief and bandanas
  • Underwear
  • Organisation and decor (cable/headphones snaps, throw baskets, seasonal decor…)
  • Kids clothes
  • Soft toys
  • Costumes
  • Pet clothes and accessories (dog bed, pet’s lead )
  • Straps and keychain
  • Bucket hat
  • Bookmarks
  • Hair accessories (scrunchies, headbands, snaps, clips…)
  • Bags and pouches (grocery bag. tote bag, hand bag, zipper pouch, glasses case, coin pouch, wallet…)
  • Face masks, facial rounds, eye masks
  • Brooches, necklaces and other accessories
scrap busting ideas

Reusable bags

My favourite project from fabric offcuts is making the Morsbags. It is a worldwide movement that supports plastic free living.

Morsbags are sewn from a donated fabric, a fabric scraps or clothes that would go otherwise into landfill.

I love to use Morsbags as an alternative to gift wrapping!

Feeling inspired?

Fabric crumbs

Even from a scrap project, you are going to end up with some fabric scraps. Fabric pieces that are too small to use in your sewing are called fabric crumbs. The size of what is considered as a fabric crumb is different to every sewist. For me It’s the fabric off-cut smaller than 2inch, but for you It can be even smaller.

TIP: Use fabric crumbs and thread trims as a filling for toys, decor or pet bed!

If working with remnants isn’t your jam, please consider donating them to our studio and we’ll make most of it.

How do you manage your fabric remnants? Let me know in the comments what’s your go-to scrap project.

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