how to match seams perfectly

How To: match seams perfectly at the first attempt

Match seams at the first attempt every time with these easy steps. Press the seams, pin through the seam stitching and on both sides of the seam. Check your pinning before sewing to avoid seam ripping.

Straight pins or fork pin

You probably have the straight pins in your sewing kit and they work perfectly fine. I like to use three for one seam matching. One in the centre and two from both sides.

Because the fork pins are already doubled, one is enough. It slides from the sides of the stitching line. The fork pins are more on the pricey side and unnecessary. Please, do not sew over the fork pins, even if they say that you can. Read more about saving safety rules.

It’s said, how well it’s pinned, that’s how well it’ll be sewn. Doesn’t matter which pins you chose, straight or fork, the technique is the same.

How to match seams in 5 easy steps:

  1. Press your seams open.
  2. Place seams right sides together.
  3. Pin through the seam to the other side. Flip the fabric a few times to make sure you in the exact spot.
  4. Put pins on both sides of the seam, so nothing moves.
  5. Open your fabric and check if everything matches before sewing.

Sew and enjoy perfectly matched seams at the first attempt!

It’s so satisfying to look at on matched seams, or it’s just me? Let me know in the comments below if you found this tutorial useful.

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