NEW Sewing Service

We are thrilled to introduce our new sewing service! Get your sewing done professionally and quickly in Anytime Art Studio.

Price List:

  • Sew on Sport or Scout badge $3
  • Button re-attaching $2
  • Hemming uniform/pants/ sleeves $20
  • Mending $30 per hour

We’re accepting multiple payment methods. Pay via card, cash or bank transfer.

Fast turn around

Sew on sport or scout badge

Do you have a pile of badges to sew into your kids uniforms? Or do they have old uniforms with badges that would look great on their camp blanket? Or do you wish to transfer badges from old to new uniforms? 

We’ll sew it for you in our studio. All badges will be sewn using the closest colour match to uniform and colour of the badge. 


The right length makes all the difference. We can hem school uniforms, workwear, pants, skirts, dresses, tops or sleeves.


Wear, a tear, a hole, a small stain or loose button in your garment is no longer a reason to reject your item. Anytime Art wants to help you to extend the life cycle of your favourite garment. Our mending is done by hand or on sewing machine at the Anytime Art Studio.

The time required and the cost of fixing would depend on the severeness of the damage and the amount of damaged parts.


Do you have a unique or custom request? We love to make one-of-a-kind project! Contact us for consultation and we will make our best to help you with your project. All materials for the project must be supplied.

Badges, mending, hemming, alteration or unique project? Use our new sewing service in your local area. We are happy to help! Contact us