Friending while Mending

To mend + company = Mending Party?

Do you need a motivation to pick up clothes from your mending pile? Join the group in our studio. Bring your project and socialise in a friendly atmosphere. Is always more fun to sew with friends!

What’s mending?

To mend means to repair something that is broken, worn, torn or otherwise damaged, put it back into usable order, most of the time we mend clothes, especially socks or a button that has fallen off.

Mending techniques:

  • iron-on patches
  • embroidery
  • appliqué
  • hand darning
  • machine darning

Come and say hi, bring the project that you’re working on (or should work on) and materials you need for it. Sewing machine, iron and tools are available in Anytime Art Studio if needed.

Watch our Facebook Page for “Mending Party” date

For any questions and notices, please contact us at:

Anytime Art, ABN 47302902150 


This document was last updated on FEB 2023