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Anytime Art Studio 

The Anytime Art Studio classes are designed to introduce primary and secondary school children to the art of needle craft and textile: hand sewing, machine sewing, embroidery, fabric printing. Teaching and learning is through demonstration, set practical exercises and creative projects. Contemporary and historical artists are introduces to expose students to range of approaches to their own art making and to boarded their appreciation of both art & culture and handcraft.

The Anytime Art Studio classes teach children a range of learning techniques and creative approaches and models the skills to apply them in structured environment. 

It is my belief that everyone can be creative and use it to make any aspects of life more enriching. Throughout gaining experience and learning about ourselves we can express more effectively. Everyone needs to feel free to explore, experiment and invent in a unique way. That happens through both directed and self-directed practice. With guidance, individual approach and friendly atmosphere while learning, student will build up their confidence and skill set. I believe that improving our creativity is one of the best ways to achieve better quality of life anytime and that creative people can change the world to better!

Ivana Sader, Anytime Art Creator and Educator 

Anytime Art Studio Program 

Throughout the year, a range of materials, processes and techniques are introduced including: sketching, working with woven fabric, knit fabric, sewing a zipper, machine sewing, hand sewing, printmaking, card making and more.

Every class focuses on one or more combinations of sewing skills.

Simple projects are used to repeat and practice a skill.

Techniques are demonstrated, practiced and applied. 

Emphasis is placed on repeated experiences, as learning is by practice. This gives children a chance to explore a subject, try out different ways and gives them the time to gain more control or sensitivity with the material. The aim is both to increase a child’s confidence using a material and tools and then expose them to its creative potential, through set creative projects. 

Subjects are many and varied and range from household items: cutlery pouch, apron, tote bag, drawstring bag pack, garment: pyjama shorts, gathered skirt, accessories: pencil case, cards, keychain.

Classes are designed to emphasise creative expression through decision making, confidence with material and tools and an individual response to subjects and materials.

Program is delivered face-to-face in Anytime Art Studio location for 1 hour 30 minutes, weekly during the school term (please see Studio dates for each Term). 

Anytime Art Studio Aim to: 

Develop student perseverance, tolerance and self discipline in a creative environment. As well as creative thinking, problem-solving and patience.

Expose children to the pros or sewing and art making. Model and teach their ability to accept the losses inherent in any creative process.

Provide students with the opportunity to explore, play, and have fun! 

Anytime Art Studio Program objectives include

The introduction in to needle craft: hand sewing, machine sewing, fabrics.

The introduction to basic sewing skills. This include measuring, fabric cutting, threading the machine, threading the needle, making a knot, sewing straight stitch, pivot, sewing curves, sewing zipper, sewing casing.

Developing hand-eye coordination, developing fine-motor skills, gross-motor skills and general dexterity using sewing materials, gadgets and other art specific tools.

Introducing and developing ways to both express and explore an idea through personal approaches to subject matter. Students will learn the importance of decision making, problem solving and making choices in creative process. 

Anytime Art Studio Students learning outcomes: 

The student will:

  • Become aware of the importance of the textile in our everyday life.
  • Increase their skills and experience in hand sewing, machine sewing, printmaking and other applied arts.
  • Begin to apply and understand sewing vocabulary and basic sewing techniques.
  • Increase their appreciation and exposure to textile art and artists.
  • Enhance their self-awareness and self-confidence through decision making, skill building and art making. 

Anytime Art Studio Fee Structure: 

Fees are inclusive of all art materials and tools.

Fees are paid by direct deposit at the beginning of each Anytime Art Studio Term.

Anytime Art Studio Terms are designed around NSW public school terms dates.

Dates and lengths of terms changes depending on when pupil free days fall.

Fees are based around $50 per class per child X the number of weeks appropriate to the Anytime Art Studio Term dates.

Dates for 2023:

  • Term 1 9 weeks: $450 per child 30/01/2023- 31/4/2023
  • Term 2 8 weeks: $400 per child 1/05/2023 – 23/06/2023 

For any questions and notices, please contact us at:

Anytime Art, ABN 47302902150 


This document was last updated on JAN 2023