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sewing classes

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Sewing Machine Crash Course

Learn the timeless craft of sewing. This course will boost your confidence and launch your sewing journey.

Sewing Workshops

Build your crafting skills thoughtfully with each project, from easiest to more complex.


Do you need a help to finish a project? Bring it to our studio and we can help you to make a progress on your own project!

Studio Hire

Spend time in the sewing space, equipped with tools you need for finishing your project.

Overlocking Machine Crash Course

Learn about overlocking machine and how to use it in your sewing practice most effectively.

Sewing School for Kids & Teens

Term-long program is designed to introduce school children to the art of needlecraft and textile.

Shaping Crocheted Fabric

Learn how to increase, decrease and create texture with your crochet stitches.

Crochet in a Row

Learn amazing craft of crochet. This class is for Absolute beginners. Start with basics in our Crochet in a Row class!

Crochet in a Round

Build your crochet skills foundation with Crochet in a Round class.

Crocheting Granny Square

In this workshop is all you need to know in order to make perfect granny square!

“Ivana's teaching techniques, support and constant motivation encouraged me to take a hobby into a lifestyle!
I'm now more organised, confident, better at planning a project and I've definitively become better at time managing.”

Astrid S

“Ivana is an inspirational and creative art teacher. I had the pleasure to be part of her classes. She is knowledgeable, patient and focused on detail. I highly recommend her classes!”

review recommendation

Barbora B

“Ivana is a fabulous teacher: she is patient, she provides clear instructions and she goes the extra mile to help her students. She has a welcoming, friendly personality that helps create a pleasant working atmosphere. No project is impossible under her guidance, no matter your skills. I'd definitely recommend to reach out to her: it will be instructional and fun!”


“Ivana is a skillful, fun and patient teacher. She has taken me from being a complete beginner to having the confidence to embark on my own sewing projects and being able to mend and repair clothes, I am so grateful to her and cannot recommend her highly enough!”


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Lessons are built for all human beings age 10+

Lesson plans are written prior to the booking, but they are tailored to your creating needs after a “So & Sew” virtual chat, in spirit of the individual approach.

If you would like to enrol a younger child, please contact us and we can discuss this further.

Every sewing course begins with safety rules, where we explain how to work with tools and machines in the safest way. 

Our sewing machines have a safety feature, that they won’t sew if the presser foot is up and speed of sewing can be adjusted to the experience level of the student.

Also we have a finger guard installed on the machine for kids, that means that the finger can’t get close to the sewing machine needle.

Read more in our blog post about sewing safety rules

Closed-in shoes must be worn at all times, including the warmer months, in case that you drop scissors or other tools on your feet. We recommend wearing older clothes while working with paint, to avoid getting your nice clothes ruined. 

Long hair must be tied back or covered.

All materials and tools needed are included, even a sewing machine. 

If you would like to practice on your sewing machine and use your own materials, you are more than welcome.

Classes are conducted privately in your home or in our studio. 

There is an option to deliver classes online, please contact us for more informations.

You have different ways to book a lesson:

  • Contact the instructor, you can call, send a message or email
  • Book a “So & Sew” 15 min video chat, to make sure that we will meet your creative needs

Yes, of course, we welcome everyone to our classes. Just let us know your unique situation and we will do our best to optimise your experience.

We have a special sewing machine, where you do not have to use your legs for it to operate. All sewing is done with the hands.

You can make the payment through bank transfer or in person with cash or through EFTPOS terminal.

Contact us ASAP.

Private lesson changes and cancellations within 48 hours of lesson start time are non-refundable.

For more information please see cancelation policy.

  • Positive learning environment
  • You have the full attention of the instructor
  • Safe, fun and inspiring experience
  • Sustainable approach to creating
  • Timeless skillset building
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